Royal wealth Management is proud to be partnered with Omentis Corporation to introduce the Omentis GPS and the Life Compendium to all our new advisors. The Omentis Life-Compendium is the first client-driven consumer product to be offered in our world of financial services. A unique value proposition that gives our advisors phenomenal power to attract prospects, retains clients, and generates an unbelievable amount of referrals.

Royal Wealth through the Omentis GPS training program will help all our advisors to use the Life Compendium:

  • As A Sales Tool (prospecting = client acquisition)
  • As A Retention Tool (client memory of service = shield to your business)
  • As A Referral Tool (showcasing their personal compendiums = client pollination)
  • As a Business Tool (communication, process, compliance = advisor process)

Royal Wealth believes that using the Omentis GPS platform and the Life Compendium will help the advisor communicate better with this/her clients, standardize their financial planning process and be 100% industry compliant from the starting gate.

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