"We always felt we need some type of direction with our finances, but we did not know where to start. We own some insurance polices and have investments with a broker, but we are still unsure of "why" and "where" we are going with all of this. My LifeGPS answered all of my questions and made it clear of where we are now headed."

Stephen L. Duron (Montreal)

"I know I needed to plan for my future, but I wasn't sure how much I needed and how to invest. You brought it down to a level I can clearly understand. I am now excited for the future! My LifeGPS is amazing - my daughters have to see this! Thank you very much."

Larry K. Hoghem (Montreal)

"I moved to Montreal just over 5 years ago, and one of my main concerns was finding the right company to take over my financial retirement plans. Somebody who could understand my short and long term goals, and someone who could explain all that is important to me in simple language. I found this only with the Royal Wealth team. They have proved to be trustworthy and easy to talk to. I have one less worry knowing that they are guiding me to a secure retirement."

Daniel S. McDonagh (Montreal)

"My husband and I visited with a Royal Wealth consultant based on a recommendation from our friend. First and foremost, they made us feel confident with our financial future. It was very motivating for us to see how our financial advisor looked at all aspect of our life and truly understood our goals and guided us using the LifeGPS plan.

Elliotte D. Perras (Ontario)

The LifeGPS puts all our goals and present situation in one place. Something very valuable to me. From insurance to investments, and legal documents to taxes, all is included in clear format. I highly recommend Royal Wealth's LifeGPS to anyone seeking guidance in their financial affairs.

Julienne D. Décarie (Quebec)

"It's a tough decision to make when choosing a 'Financial Advisor' .But we have never had cause to regret our decision. The Royal Wealth agent ability and willingness to work hard on our behalf, was never more evident than when I had an opportunity for early retirement, suddenly confront me. They worked quickly to research every avenue presented to me, consulting with colleagues to confirm there actions. They took as much time as necessary to ensure I understood what they were telling me, so that my decisions were informed ones. This process is repeated in every transaction we undertake. Royal Wealth team is always thinking ahead and researching avenues that will best help us achieve our goals or will be a benefit to our future. There presentations are always well researched and never presented unless they knows there is a benefit to us and the final decision is always ours. The Royal Wealth team strong work ethics and desire to put the client's best interests forward, have inspired an unwavering confidence that has grown over the years."

John H. Benero (Ontario)

"Before we met our agent at Royal Wealth , we had previous experience with professional financial advice offered by large companies: our portfolio changed hands many times and we never felt that our interests were clearly understood. Since our dealings with Royal Wealth, we have enjoyed outstanding service. We have recommended Royal Wealth GPS to friends and will continue to do so. Thank you for your guidance and professional concern. With our very best wishes"

Nathalie S. Belisle (Laval)

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