Plan for Financial Freedom ! Royal Wealth's LifeGPS

The Program

The most comprehensive wealth management program on the market today. Like a navigation or GPS unit in your car, the first step is to pinpoint your exact location or current financial situation. Then, decide where it is want to go and key in that destination point or goal . LifeGPS then maps out the ideal course of action for you to take. Your job - stay focused and follow your map.

The Plan

Your LifeGPS Plan translates all the technical information of your financial plan, into language you can truly understand. A visual representation of your complete "goal-based" financial plan, mapping out your success path. Having a clear view the road ahead and having a way to track your objectives is your crucial if you are ever going to achieve any goal. The LifeGPS Plan will allow you to keep focused on your goals ensuring that you'll never ... ever....lose sight of what is important to you.

The GPS Program:

Identifying your goals.

Together, we will identify and discuss your true life goals & objectives. Being clear on your goals is your first and most important step.

Your financial snapshot.

A full understanding where you stand today is key before deciding on any type of financial plan. The review of all relevant documents such as tax filings, investment statements, legal structures, insurance & retirement plans.

Analyzing your situation.

Our team will learn the BIG PICTURE of your situation and where you want to go. Your agent will keep you informed with any key findings and request any other relevant information or documentation during this process.

Your written proposal.

You will be presented with a written proposal centered around each of your goals, for your review. Turning your goals into reality is our mandate.

Your plans in action.

Next, we will implement and coordinate all agreed strategies, including active, protective and distributive plans. With you every step of the way, we will keep you updated on all opportunities with our in-house professionals and external specialists.

Your LifeGPS Plan.

A unique, full color financial roadmap that is all about YOU. This revolutionary document brings together all your financial information and allows you to track your goals over time. Leave nothing to chance, you are now in control of your financial future.

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